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6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Moving to UAE

If it is your first time moving to the UAE, there are certain things that you should avoid at all cost. The first thing to consider is to look for good movers and packers in the UAE. They can be a vital part in your move and will guide you through the relocation. An efficient relocation can help you move easily while saving money. Fortunately, there are plenty of good packers and movers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. They can assist you but you should also supervise the entire situation carefully. Whether it is a small house or a villa, you should work closely with your movers to ensure a successful relocation.

Common Mistake That People Make When Moving to UAE

1. Not making a budget

A well planned and researched budget is the first thing that you have to do before moving to the UAE. Make a note of all the expenses that are coming your way in the near future. These expenses shouldn’t necessarily be related to the move. This is because you are preparing a budget which will later tell you how much you can actually spend on the relocation.

Your budget should be justified. Think of it as an important presentation that you have to show to your boss. A clear idea of your requirements and the number of belongings you have is also necessary. Only then can you move ahead and check out the industry pricing of movers and packers in UAE.

A moving company is only one of the expenses. Moving from abroad involves other expenses such as buying new stuff, undergoing the visa process, paying your realtor in the UAE, and so on. Your budget will let you keep a track of all this. It will act as a limiting line that you should not cross at all cost.

2. Lack of in depth research

Moving to a new country is an experience that is unique and even scary for some. The least you can do is to research this move. It will make you more comfortable in your new surroundings and quickly adapt to the new place. Your research should be based on:

  • Finding the right prices for movers and packers in the UAE.
  • Looking for discounts and different options on how to save money.
  • Looking for ways to streamline the move and make it more easy for you.
  • Finding the right localities in which you can find a good house.
  • Speaking with other people who have experience in this sort of thing.
  • Finding out about the busy seasons for villa movers, house movers, office movers, etc. in Dubai and other cities.

It is important to note that your research is meant to prepare you for the move. Therefore, you can also look up:

  • The culture of Middle Eastern countries.
  • The average cost of living.
  • Basic utilities and recreational areas in the country.
  • Social clubs and other community based places that interest you.

3. Forgetting to read the terms and conditions of your movers and packers’ contract

Whenever you move, whether it is an international relocation or a simple move around the block, make sure that you read the contract. Moving companies offer a lot of services and there are certain conditions attached to them. Read your movers and packers’ contract carefully and ensure that you are not being cheated on. Make sure that you know what the services include and what kind of liability the movers have. It is important to understand what will happen in case of loss or damage to your belongings. All in all, you should be smart about the whole situation and prepare yourself the best you can.

4. Not being prepared with the prerequisites

When you move to the UAE, there are certain prerequisites that you must fulfill. This includes all the visa documents and your passport. This also includes acquainting yourself with the custom laws of the UAE. It is better to read about all the requirements then to suffer later on. Speak with your movers and packers as well. They can offer great immigration advice since they deal with customers like you on a frequent basis.

Make sure that you have all your documents ready before you book a ticket and hire moving companies or furniture movers. You should also have a list of all the items that will be transported – customs will need to know that.

5. Splurging on unnecessary stuff and services

Moving is an expensive time. This is especially true for international moves. If you are moving your business to the UAE, contact your office shifting packers and movers and speak to them about what you can do to save money. This is just for instance. Depending on your requirement, it is upto you to follow a tight budget and not get attracted by useless services and items that will be of no use to you in the new country.

The truth is that premium services offered by, say, villa movers in Dubai, are very expensive. You can avoid this and simply go for a cheaper yet efficient option. This is, again, why research is so important.

6. Panicking unnecessarily

Finally, it is paramount for you to keep a calm mind during all of this. Yes, settling and making a home in a new place can be scary. But remember that you have a new life to look forward to. Your furniture movers or office furniture movers and packers will be there by your side – guiding you and assisting you. You have professionals that know exactly what to do in these situations.

Also, panicking can make things worse and create a mess that could have easily been avoided. Remember that the more you panic, it is more likely that things will go downhill. Keep a calm head and make firm decisions. Again, if you are well educated and have researched this relocation well, things will go more smoothly. We wish you all the best with this new adventure and hope that you settle comfortably in this Middle Eastern haven!

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