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    Fast Cargo And Freight Delivery Services With CBD Movers

    What makes us the quickest and one of the most reliable cargo and freight delivery service providers in the UAE? It is not just the number of cargo delivery trucks that we own. It is our expertise with which our company delivers superior freight consultation services and cargo delivery solutions that help you keep your supply chain management smooth and functional throughout the year.

    The thing that makes us a highly reputable brand in the market is our dynamic ensemble of highly trained and qualified professionals. With 10 years of experience in the industry, we have excellence in a wide variety of supply chain verticals. Now, this is not seen in any other company in the UAE. When it comes to our expertise, we are well-versed in every aspect of delivery service management, operational budgeting, business-specific logistics solutions, cargo and freight hauling and management, and a lot more.

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    Core Values - What Makes CBD Movers UAE The Leader

    • Trust

    One of the most important things that we are known for in the market is the degree of trust that we command in the door to door cargo delivery services sector. We are a brand that has a loyal customer base with the most frequently returning clientele. What makes us more trustworthy than any other brand in the sector is the level of transparency that we maintain in our transactions and business operations.

    • Hard Work

    There is no substitute for hard work. We believe in this principle to the core, and we aim to improve continuously and grow as we expand our customer base. Our hardworking employees, freight management personnel, and consultants are available to you 24/7 throughout the year.

    • Customer Delight

    We work to achieve this all year around. Our aim is to delight you with our world-class cargo van delivery services and freight management solutions. When you have complete faith in us, it will become easier for you to rely on us. This will make it simpler for you to focus on your business activities and grow your enterprise beyond bounds. You can do what you love the most without any interruption. Leave the rest to us.

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    • Honesty

    We are completely honest and passionate about our work. CBD Movers UAE is one of the very few highly customer-centric brands in the market that is known for its ethics and lawful business practices.

    • Innovation

    Innovation and automation have always been two of the strongest pillars of our business ethics. CBD Movers UAE believes that there is no future without innovation and automation. Embracing the current technology and all the changes that it brings with it is the only way to survive and thrive in the current competitive scenario.

    • Expertise

    We have proven expertise in the freight and cargo delivery industry. With our ever-expanding network of freight management and logistics partners throughout the country, we have you covered regardless of where you are located. Your international consignments, land cargoes, heavy shipments, and all kinds of deliveries are going to reach their destination on time.

    Why Choose Us For Freight And Cargo Delivery Services?

    • Quality Assurance

    We understand what your needs are. We understand what your business goes through every day. This is why we come up with readymade solutions that are not only highly customised but of high quality as well. The availability of the right equipment and the most adequately and appropriately qualified personnel to keep your logistics and supply chain operations throughout the year is essential. And we understand that.

    • Constantly Expanding Global Network

    Our global network is expanding right now as we speak. We are one of the very few global freight and cargo delivery and management companies that have such a vast network of global offices. This economic scale is what keeps us getting repeat clients from all over the world. This is why you can trust our services.

    • Rapid Deployment

    CBD Movers means rapid deployment. When it comes to ensuring door to door cargo delivery services, we can do that with our rapid-deployment system. All our cargo van delivery services, and trucks, trailers, vehicles, and other automobiles are constantly in touch with our offices. With our personalised equipment and flexible hours, we make sure that your shipment reaches you on time every time.

    • Proven Track Record

    With a solid and proven track record in the industry, we have a formidable reputation that is very difficult to match. We are known for our expertise in the machinery sector, in addition to retail and manufacturing businesses as well. When it comes to powering and empowering your business, we are the brand that you can trust.

    cargo delivery service
    fast delivery cargo services
    • Flexible Solutions

    Regardless of what sector you belong to, our logistics and supply chain management are always there for you. We have a highly optimised network of skilled and experienced solution providers throughout the country and beyond. This is what enables us to come up with customised and flexible solutions that enhance your efficiency and keep you profitable throughout the year.

    • Highly Competitive Pricing

    As mentioned above, we have achieved a very enviable and exemplary model of economies of scale. This is what allows us to keep our pricing not just reasonable, but very well within your budget. It also gives us an undisputed and competitive edge that makes us different from all the other logistics, freight, and supply chain companies around the globe. Looking for a cost-effective route for your shipment? CBD Movers are there to the rescue!

    • Experienced Staff

    Needless to mention, we have a long list of employees, associates, partners, drivers, delivery personnel, quality control executives, and workers with us. They are not just friendly, but highly proficient in what they do. You are in good hands when you work with CBD Movers UAE.

    Care to find out more about our cargo delivery trucks and freight management consultancy services? Call us or write to us. We are here for you always.


    We believe that the customer has the right to ask us as many questions as they want. CBD Movers and Packers are happy to help!

    A freight forwarder’s role is to streamline the transportation procedure. As a freight forwarder, we have contracts with several steamship lines, airlines, and trucking companies around the world, so we can offer you affordable rates.

    As freight forwarders, we educate and support our clients with the usually complex and ever-changing processes and legal requirements related to import and export. Most importantly, you only communicate with us as your Freight Forwarder agent rather than with a variety of other parties.

    The freight forwarder acts as the shipping department and manages the company’s logistical needs for many small to medium-sized businesses.

    If you need to carry more than 15,000 pounds, or enough to warrant using an entire semi-trailer, full truckload (TL) is usually the best option. Less than truckload (LTL) may be the best option if you need to carry more than 150 pounds of freight but fewer than 15,000 pounds. Getting items quickly from one point to another may require expedited shipping services. When moving goods across large distances between major cities, intermodal shipping is a wonderful option.

    The distance, the route, and the congestion affect shipping times from port to port. Once the container is on board the ship and it has been verified that it has departed, transit time is calculated. The quoted transit timeframes do not account for potential delays brought on by bad weather, customs processing, and/or inspection. Consolidated freight will require more time because of earlier deadlines to allow for the paperwork and loading process.

    Door-to-door delivery is a comprehensive service in which we make arrangements to pick up the shipment from its place of origin and deliver it directly to the given address. This commonly refers to freight charges. Charges on top of Door-to-Door can be exempt from offloading, customs, and port charges.

    The bill of lading (BOL) acts as an invoice receipt in the shipping industry, and with many motor carriers, the BOL is the contract of carriage between that motor carrier and the shipper. It includes important information related to the shipment, such as addresses, packaging type, freight class, description of the goods, and any special instructions.

    There are 18 freight classes. They are determined by the weight, dimensions, density, storage capability, ease of handling, value, and liability from instances like theft, damage, breakability, and spoilage. We’ve created a freight density calculator to assist you in determining freight class.

    We provide

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    2. Depending on your budget and timeline, getting advice on the appropriate form of transportation for your shipment
    3. If you need to keep items here before shipping, use our warehouse and storage service
    4. Services for commercial clients that include pick-up and packing

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