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  • UAE’s largest and fastest growing team and fleets
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  • Best price guarantee as compared to other movers
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  • Best furniture moving techniques with advanced equipment

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    Allow us to make moving furniture a stress-free experience

    If you've read this far, it's safe to assume you're considering hiring the best furniture movers to relocate your belongings shortly. It may be your first time moving your home or workplace, but it will not be ours. Moving furniture on your own is difficult, but hiring furniture movers makes the process more smoothly and professionally

    Moving furniture is a huge challenge while traveling via major cities, rural areas, or even interstate. But don't put too much pressure on yourself. Our skilled furniture packers and movers will take care of everything for you, including arranging, packing, and assembling all of your furniture items safely and efficiently

    Moving furniture is a big part of the process. Huge cabinets, lounge furniture, dining furniture, and other such items cannot be handled by someone untrained or inexperienced. We are the only furniture packing and moving company that can handle the entire furniture relocation with safely

    Furniture is the one thing that becomes the centre of interest and necessities, whether it's in your home or office. The utilization of furniture in a home cannot be overlooked for daily use, expected guest arrivals, or unplanned celebrations. One cannot consider himself the sole person responsible for the relocation of all of these property goods

    moving furniture

    Because moving heavy furniture without specific and proper moving strategies and techniques might result in serious damage. Lifting massive and heavy objects is not a job for the inexperienced, and pushing them away might cause serious injury to you or your furniture

    Locations We Serve

    What Sets Us Apart From Other FurnitureMovers In The Uae?

    Because of its size and weight, moving your full furniture set might be a real challenge. It will be difficult for you to wrap or pack your belongings, load them into a truck, and move them on your own without the assistance of properly trained and equipped furniture movers with extensive experience in the furniture moving industry.

    You may have numerous types of furniture, both modern and traditional, that cannot be disassembled and must be relocated as a whole. However, you may contact our affordable furniture movers, who have the necessary resources, equipment, and knowledge to disassemble, pack, and transport all of your belongings safely to their new location

    There are various advantages of using our top-rated furniture moving services. Our professional furniture movers and packers will relocate everything from your chairs to your conference tables

    • We offer a reliable helping hand when it comes to transferring your home.
    • Everything will run smoothly, from dismantling through packaging to transportation
    • Our furniture movers in UAE offer dismantle and packing services to ensure that your belongings are transported as comfortably and securely as possible
    • If the furniture is not packed according to the measurements, misfortune can arise during travel
    • To ensure safe exchanges, our furniture movers and packers UAE excellent cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, vacuum sealing, and shrink wrapping
    • Keeping track of the furniture we've transported from various residential and commercial locations
    Furniture Movers

    Moving the
    Office Furniture

    • Desk
    • Meeting tables
    • Chairs
    • Sofas
    • Lighting
    • Bookcases
    • Wall art
    • Filling cabinets
    • Meeting chairs

    These are some of the products that we, as a professional furniture moving company, frequently transport from one location to another. All of your belongings should be put in high-quality packaging that has been thoroughly examined before being used. Each of your furniture items has been labelled so that there will be no confusion during unpacking Because modern furniture is often complex, professional furniture movers will ensure that the entire body is properly wrapped and taped to eliminate the potential of a scratch or damage. They will be cautious while dealing with glass or mirrors. CBD Movers will handle everything carefully and attentively, from packaging to removing it from your home for loading and shipping

    Moving the House Furniture



    Recliner sofa, sectional sofa, tuxedo, chesterfield, and Lawson couch


    Accent table, console table, coffee table, dining table, and ottoman table


    Bar stools, Armchairs and desk chairs


    Murphy, Platform, adjustable, folding, panel, and Santiago bed


    Executive Desk, Writing desk, computer desk, roll-top desk, and credenza desk


    Standard vertical chest, standard horizontal dresser, and combo dresser


    Standard, cocktail, cube, square, rectangle, round, and oval

    TV Stands

    Open shelving, hutch, swivel, wood, and metal

    The Storage Alternative

    We offer a specialized storage facility for furniture and art pieces, unlike other furniture packing and moving companies. We are prepared to meet your storage needs with our customizable storage alternatives. CBD Movers additionally expands its storage facilities in response to customer demand. These facilities are provided with damage protection and are monitored around the clock. You will receive the promised satisfaction and peace of mind by using our service

    Why Should You Choose Our Furniture Moving Company?

    With our best furniture movers, you can rest easily. As you may be aware, maintaining a pleasant way of life while also taking care of the movement cycle without the assistance of others can be difficult. We provide you with complete comfort and dispel all of your concerns regarding the safety of your furniture while in transit or storage

    furniture movers in uae

    Professional moving services

    We have specialists at CBD Movers that will oversee your work from the moment you book your relocation with us. Our experts are always available to assist you, from selecting the appropriate truck size to providing an estimated completion time.

    If necessary, we provide further training to our skilled movers to meet the demands of varied relocations. During furniture moving, each of our vehicles is well-equipped to protect your belongings and keep them safe and undamaged

    There will be no paperwork headaches

    People believe that professional furniture movers will require their customers to complete numerous forms while keeping them occupied with a pen and paper. That is not the case with us, however. Once you hire us, there is an unmistakable line of communication, with all paperwork handled solely by us

    Upgraded moving equipment

    We, as a furniture packing and moving company, use the most up-to-date relocation tools available, which you won't find anywhere else, such as the right truck size, which minimizes the need for multiple trips for specialized hefty furniture haulage. In addition, we use appropriate moving towels/clothes, wrenches, tough boxes, tape, customizable ties, and various tools required for the assembly and dismantling of furniture, among other moving accessories

    It was an emotional experience

    CBD Movers is a trusted brand in house and office relocation. We can help you with all aspects of your move, including furniture removal, house/office transfer, storage, packing, wrapping, and even unpacking and unwrapping. We've been in the moving business long enough to understand your specific requirements for transporting your antiques or typical family furniture that carries sentimental worth for you and your family

    Affordable Furniture Movers

    Just because you need to relocate a lot of your possessions fast and at the same time, does not imply that we should charge you a certain amount of money. Our service is structured in such a way that our customers must pay a reasonable price for the service they select based on their demands and moving day requirements

    Furniture Movers who are quick and reliable

    A furniture packing and moving company that saves time can be quite beneficial and enjoyable. CBD Movers is an economical furniture moving company that allows you to make the most of your time by handling all of the transportation coordination while you relax

    furniture packing and moving company

    Thousands of families have relied on our skilled furniture movers and packers to migrate successfully and arrive at their new homes stress-free. It is our objective to make the moving process as simple as possible for both local and cross-country moves. The steps for relocating furniture are listed below


    We will send you an email or call to schedule your move. To assist us in planning, we will ask for any essential information regarding the furniture and your home, such as stairway type, driveway access, and type of furniture to assess protection material requirements

    List Up

    If you haven’t already done so, we’ll make a list of all the furniture that needs to be removed, as well as any other items that need to be removed

    Call for Confirmation

    A furniture mover will phone you well in advance to confirm the appointment, giving you peace of mind

    Boxes for packing

    We sell boxes for packing purposes. If you order ahead of time, they will be brought to you, together with any other protected materials such as blankets

    What steps do we take to set ourselves apart from other furniture movers?

    Our crew of expert furniture packers and movers has been continuously delivering for more than a decade. Whether our customers are looking for a professional moving business, office relocation, or storage solutions in UAE, we have earned our reputation by putting our heart and soul into giving them the greatest moving experience possible

    Preparation for Moving Furniture

    If you engage our packers and movers, they will disassemble and pack all of your furniture. All furniture is loaded systematically during our furniture moving service so that it can all be loaded at once.
    Everything is organized and wrapped so that drawers do not open and cause damage to adjacent furniture. We are quick and cost-effective when it comes to assembling and disassembling large furniture. We ensure speedy disassembly and assembly operation with our handy power tools

    Customer Contentment

    Customer happiness and comments are absolutely essential to us, and we will devote ourselves to winning our customers’ hearts. Call us for peace of mind when it comes to moving furniture.
    We pledge to handle your wood furniture as if it were our own, taking special care not to scratch the glossy surface of the wood, walls, or floors. Our best furniture movers can make your relocation process considerably less time-consuming and stressful

    Commercial Furniture Moving that is Professional and Safe

    When relocating office furniture, our office furniture movers and packers crew is well aware that many hurdles arise in terms of the volume of the move, as well as finances and timeframes. Our professional team of economical furniture movers will be on hand throughout the moving process to provide detailed advice on each stage of the procedure while staying within your budget

    Furniture Movers at an Affordable Price

    Commercial moving services are provided for both domestic and international moves. To make transferring office furniture easier, we have in-house storage and vehicle transportation services. In comparison to other furniture packing and moving companies, our dependable movers can move more of your belongings in less time and for less money. This saves you time and speeds up the process of moving your office.

    Contact us and we will provide you with a quote that is lower than any other furniture moving company while also retaining professionalism


    We believe that the customer has the right to ask us as many questions as they want. CBD Movers and Packers are happy to help!

    You’ll need additional materials for additional protection since items like chairs, cupboards, tables, couches, and mattresses typically don’t fit into boxes. It’s a good idea to wrap heavy goods in cardboard, plastic wrap, or cushion wrap before transferring them. To protect the fabric from stains and grime, you may also purchase couch or mattress coverings. Ask a moving firm for advice if you’re unsure of what supplies you’ll need to pack your particular items.

    It’s recommended to give your furniture a thorough cleaning before putting it away to keep it in good condition. Each piece should be dusted off, and any crumbs or other debris should be vacuumed away.

    Disassemble any parts that can separate, and then mark any bags or boxes that hold the parts for reassembly. To prevent sharp objects from tearing or gouging other goods, you can, for instance, take the drawers out of cabinets or chests and remove the hardware from the drawers. Label the boxes after the components have been carefully placed inside of them to make it simple to find them during unpacking.

    The best response to this query will come from your movers since it is dependent on your particular goods. However, it’s typically better to place furniture pieces snugly against densely packed boxes and to wrap them in blankets, cardboard, or cushion wrap to provide additional protection. Your movers will use ropes and harnesses to secure objects, and they’ll be careful not to stack heavy items on top of delicate furnishings.

    Our crews start their pickups at 9:00 a.m. and continue throughout the day. The business day prior to the scheduled collection date, we will call you to confirm the arrival time. If you are expecting a delivery, our driver will call you 8-24 hours before the estimated delivery date to confirm the exact arrival time.

    Yes. We strongly advise you to be present so you can mark which items are staying and which are leaving, identify any objects that need special handling, and respond to any inquiries.

    Most importantly, you have to be there to help with the inventory process during pickup and delivery. The inventory process involves the pickup crew preparing an inventory of all your furniture and packing containers as they are loaded onto the truck, noting existing conditions.

    You must initial the inventory papers to acknowledge that you accept (or disagree, in writing, with the conditions specified by the crew about all products put on the truck).

    You will take part in this procedure once more at delivery. Unloaded items will be crossed off. The outcome of any claim, if any, depends heavily on your participation in this procedure. We suggest having someone familiar with your household items represent you if you absolutely must be unable to attend.

    You should think of a plan for your furnishings before moving into your new home. To enable movers to transport belongings directly from the truck to their destination, it is useful to establish a list of where they should be placed. To prepare for items that might not fit without disassembly, it’s a good idea to measure doorways in advance.

    All of the furniture is expertly wrapped in heavy-duty moving blankets (this service is included in the price).

    We prefer you to call us at least 15 days before your moving date.