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    Get the best furniture movers in all of Abu Dhabi at convenient & affordable prices CBD Movers – Expert House Movers in Abu Dhabi

    CBD Movers, originally from Melbourne, Australia have now brought their high quality services to the UAE. With its efficient workforce and a large fleet of moving vehicles, they are one of the best house movers in Abu Dhabi. CBD Movers, Abu Dhabi works on the basic principles of business – efficiency, sustainability, affordability, and growth. The main focus is the customer. CBD Movers believes in serving the customer with the best quality of service as well as support.

    We are proud to launch our operations and serve our esteemed customers in Abu Dhabi. House furniture movers rely mostly on infrastructure. Fortunately, for us, we are backed by a large team of professionals and the latest techniques and equipment. The workforce at CBD Movers, Abu Dhabi is trained to carry out moving projects of any size.

    Our wide range of services include packing and unpacking services, temporary storage solutions during the move, furniture mover services, apartment mover services, office mover services, etc. CBD Movers can help you move from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and vice versa pretty quickly and efficiently. We cover all the major areas of Abu Dhabi city and our mover services include Ruwais and Mussafah as well.

    Dubbed as one of the best furniture moving companies in Abu Dhabi, we stay true to the word. We are well equipped to move heavy furniture over long distances. We can move villas and office buildings of any size. We take care of all moving arrangements such as packing, loading, documentation, and supply procurement. Therefore, we are able to surpass customer expectations – truly the sign of a dedicated and experienced moving company.

    movers and packers in abu dhabi

    Locations We Serve

    How the Moving Process Unfolds

    CBD Movers, Abu Dhabi follows a systemic and a procedural process to carry out moving jobs. We are also into the office moving business which makes us versatile and sought after. However, office relocations are prone to risks such as lost and damaged items during transit. Also, reinstallation of IT infrastructure requires expert intervention. To ensure that nothing goes wrong during our office moves in Abu Dhabi, we follow a planned approach

    Planning the move

    As soon as we receive an order for a relocation, we dive right into it. Our team:

    • Develops a plan that is suited for the exact requirements of the customer.
    • Assists the customer with downsizing.
    • Schedules the move.
    • Arranges moves from our wide network in the UAE.
    • Procuring packing and moving supplies if required

    Before the move

    Once we are ready with everything, we start with the next steps:

    • Helping the customers with packing household or office items. We use appropriate packing supplies for different items. We ensure that fragile items are packed carefully and are moved in padded moving boxes.
    • As professional movers in Abu Dhabi, we take great care that the customers receive overall assistance in their move. Therefore, we also support customers with additional services at their new house or office. We can arrange suppliers and service providers for a wide range of requirements including cleaning, utilities, repairs, etc.
    • We make note of the position of heavy items such as large beds, wardrobes, pianos, pool tables, etc. We do a quick recce of the house or office to plan the order in which we will pack and load the items. We prioritize our tasks according to what the customer wants.
    movers in Abu Dhabi
    movers packers abu dhabi

    Moving Day

    On the day of the scheduled move, we:

    • Supervise our ground staff during each stage of the process – packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking.
    • Arrange necessary supplies for the first night after the move – mattresses, water bottles, toiletries, etc.
    • Employ the best equipment to move your furniture and other items. We pack and move everything in a planned order so that unpacking and unloading becomes easier and more productive.
    • Loading your items efficiently and driving them to the new location with care and security. Unpacking everything based on utility and priority

    After the move

    We are not done yet. After the relocation is done, we stick around to ensure that everything went well.

    • We ensure that nothing is left behind at the old place.
    • We dispose off any hazardous or unnecessary items or supplies.
    • We arrange cleaning services for renters and house owners so that the contract terms are met.
    • We make sure that the house is in good condition for realtors and potential renters to visit.
    • Our after-sales services are always there for you. CBD Movers is one of the best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi because of their support after the relocation is done. We are always open to feedback and make sure that the customer is fully satisfied. In case of any complaints, we resolve them as soon as we can.

    Professional and Reliable Abu Dhabi House Movers

    Our professionalism and reliability stems from one thing and one thing alone – our experience. We have been serving customers on a global scale for several years. From our humble beginnings in Melbourne, we are now in four different continents – Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

    Our experience allows us to tackle problems in a way that others cannot. Because of our amassed knowledge bank from years of service, we understand the problems that the industry faces and how to work our way around them. CBD Movers, Abu Dhabi is a result of these dedicated years in this field. We are expanding to more countries and more cities by the day. Our scalable model has worked and we are not stopping to catch a breath.

    Our wide range of services coupled with a skilled staff and good equipment allows us to move house efficiently. If you are looking for expert movers in Abu Dhabi, we are a reliable and professional solution. We don’t stop at moving though – as aforementioned, we have our foot in the cleaning and procurement industry as well. Our global network gives us the flexibility to provide customers with a lot more than just relocation services

    furniture movers in abu dhabi
    villa movers abu dhabi

    CBD Movers Abu Dhabi are Expert House Movers

    The moving industry forms an integral part of the logistics scene. This moving industry, which we are proud of being a part, is heavily dependent on house relocations. Although the ticket size is small for house moves as compared to commercial moves, the quantity surpasses any other factor. The demand for house moving in Abu Dhabi is huge especially during the winters when the temperatures are ideal for such jobs.

    We are equipped with sliders, ramps, dollies, ropes, and handcarts, etc. to move houses efficiently. We ensure that items such as crockery and glassware are not damaged during the move. For each and every kind of item, we have a dedicated moving box and a set of techniques to ensure their safety. We employ furniture covers and foam corners while moving heavy furniture. We tie down wardrobe and fridges to make sure that they are not damaged during transit. Overall, we have a solution for all house moving needs.

    Trained Staff

    All the staff members at CBD Movers are trained and skilled to do their job to the customers’ satisfaction. We only hire licensed and qualified individuals to work for us. We provide them with industry-standard salaries and good working conditions. None of our workers are overworked or exploited. This increases productivity and keeps our team happy and the customers satisfied.

    Great infrastructure

    At CBD Movers, Abu Dhabi, we are backed by a robust and solid foundation. It is for this reason that we survived through the pandemic and came out of it stronger than before. We have a large fleet of vehicles, all the latest equipment, and of course, a trained workforce and qualified managers

    Bespoke solutions

    One of the things that makes CBD Movers one of the best house movers in Abu Dhabi is the customer oriented approach. We ensure that our solutions are tailored to help each specific customer the way they want it. We offer a wide range of services and packages that fit a wide range of people.

    High quality packing materials and supplies

    We procure only the best packing supplies to reduce the risk factor. We buy them at wholesale rates so that the customer also finds an affordable moving solution with us. These moving boxes and supplies allow us to minimize the risk of damage during the move. Our fleet of moving trucks are well-maintained so that no mishaps happen in that department as well.

    Packing and Unpacking
    Services in Abu Dhabi

    An integral part of any move, packing and unpacking services need to be of the best quality to ensure safety and efficiency. If your belongings are not packed properly or if the wrong moving boxes are used, it can result in a lot of loss. Of course, the moving company takes blame for any such incident but at the end of the day, it is the customer that suffers. At CBD Movers, we ensure that the packing and unpacking is of the highest quality.

    cheap office movers abhi dhabi

    Cheap Office Movers in Abu Dhabi

    Office relocations can be very expensive especially in a country like UAE. To solve this problem, CBD Movers are here with affordable and cheap office moving solutions for you. You can move a house on your own but an office building is a challenge on another level. You definitely require professional assistance to move offices. Fortunately, our robust and solid infrastructure allows us to serve office relocation requirements with ease. If you are looking for affordable and reliable office movers to move from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for example, we are the right choice.

    A simple ‘man with a van’ solution does not work for offices. This is where our extensive fleet of well-maintained moving vehicles comes into play. With this, we are capable of executing office moves of any volume.

    CBD Movers, Abu Dhabi also excels at IT infrastructure installation, a must for any office. We have experts who can help you set up your new office as soon as possible. We understand that office moves can result in downtime and loss of productivity. Therefore, we employ the best resources to get the job as smoothly as possible.

    Loading and Unloading Experts

    CBD Movers are one of the most sought after house furniture movers in Abu Dhabi. This is because we know exactly how to deal with heavy items. Our latest equipment and our trained staff can move king size beds, large couches, wardrobes, pool tables, etc. with the least of effort.

    We offer partial and fully loading solutions with our moving trucks. CBD Movers employ the most suitable techniques to load and unload your belongings quickly and efficiently. We ensure that no damage or loss occurs during the loading or during the journey.

    Abu Dhabi Villa Movers

    We might be the best apartment movers in Abu Dhabi, but moving villas is more challenging and time consuming. But guess what? – we are great at this too. Our systematic approach to large moving projects allows us to move large villas and bungalows with ease. We employ the appropriate amount of movers and the right amount of moving vehicles to move your villa across Abu Dhabi. CBD Movers are certainly the first choice for villa moving requirements in Abu Dhabi. Because of the high demand in the city, we have a backup team of movers as well in case the requirements go up during the busy seasons.

    We are aware that the strategy we use for apartment relocations will not work for your villa. Therefore, we put our best experts to the job and figure out the right solution for you. Our team will inspect your villa properly before we start our job. We also offer custom solutions for families who are moving with pets and kids.

    best movers in abu dhabi

    Top Abu Dhabi Furniture Movers

    Whether it’s an office or a small house, we all have furniture of some sort or the other. Furniture items such as beds and couches are heavy and can damage the doorways or get damaged themselves during the move. It requires an expert’s help to move heavy furniture properly. Well, CBD Movers are there for you. We are expert furniture movers in Abu Dhabi city who can help you with international relocations as well.

    If you are looking for top notch furniture movers in Musaffah, for example, we can help you move any volume. CBD Movers are expert office furniture movers and places like Musaffah and Ruwais are always high on demand.

    What Makes CBD Movers the Right Choice for a Relocation in Abu Dhabi?

    There are certain features of CBD Movers that sets it apart from all the competition. Besides offering top quality moving services in Abu Dhabi at affordable rate, CBD Movers is a class apart because of :

    Trained Staff

    Why do you hire movers and packers in the first place? Because moving is stressful and you can damage or lose expensive items during the move. Professional movers and packers Abu Dhabi are hired because they ensure the safety of your priced belongings. We are proud to have completed thousands of relocations across the globe. Our team of experts will make sure that nothing happens to your belongings during the move. We also have safe and secure temporary storage units that can come in handy.

    Our movers and packers in Abu Dhabi don't just throw our belongings on a trolley and roll them onto the truck like the small movers do. We make sure that everything is properly secured, stowed, and packed. We can also assist you in packing, unpacking, and rearranging your belongings. Even our handymen can assist you with small repairs in your new house. If you need to keep your goods due to unforeseen circumstances, we offer storage options that can accommodate them.

    Cost cutting

    Our pricing model is not only affordable but our support team can help you save even more. We provide assistance in downsizing and in packing supplies procurement. We offer free estimates that do not have any hidden costs. We plan our moves in such a way that the number of trips is minimized. We are able to optimize our entire operations with the help of our experienced and dedicated staff.


    Finally, we put a lot of effort into strategizing and putting together a plan that suits your specific requirements. You might want to move with dozens of cats or you might have a favorite coffee table that you want to keep safe at all costs. With such specific instructions, only the best and the most experienced movers can help you move smoothly. We inspect your house, make a plan, schedule a move, mark our calendars, procure the supplies, and so on – in a procedural and systematic manner.

    best movers and packers in abu dhabi


    We believe that the customer has the right to ask us as many questions as they want. CBD Movers and Packers are happy to help!

    You can choose who you wish to work with based on the quotes you have received. According to the agreement, you can pay them directly. Regardless of who you choose, you can be confident that the service will be of the highest caliber. As a value-added service, we can offer you rate comparison services at no additional cost if you are unable to make a decision.

    All you have to do is provide us with a list of every quotation you’ve received, and we’ll have our specialists review each one, point out any tiny print, conduct an apple-to-apple comparison, and share the tabulation with the conclusions, so you won’t get a surprise later. This can assist you in making an informed choice. We are dedicated to making our transition easy.

    Our movers are well-prepared, having the best teams and the necessary tools and packaging materials. The utmost care will be taken to move the valuables safely, thanks to their extensive experience in handling such extremely delicate things. However, in such circumstances, you can also choose a fully insured move.

    1. We offer a variety of services under one roof
    2. We understand the local market and can give you the best services available
    3. We give you complete freedom to choose the services and make your own decisions
    4. We assist you in all aspects of moving
    5. Our movers are expert, fully compliant businesses that specialise in their respective fields
    6. There are no additional fees

    You don’t need to worry about this because our specialists will advise you beforehand, tell you which products you can and cannot bring, and provide you with alternative choices for the same.

    The process of packing and loading is typically influenced by several factors, including the number of rooms in your home, the number of belongings in each room, and any particular needs you may have. Normally, it takes two to three hours to pack and load a room.

    Yes, certain things like liquids, oils, flammables, animals, etc., cannot be put in the truck because doing so would compromise the safety and security of the rest of your belongings.

    You won’t have to worry about anything because we will handle every aspect of the move for you. There are a few documents, nonetheless, that you might need to provide. Before the actual move happens, our professionals will thoroughly walk you through this process.

    You can call the number listed on our website and let us know what you need and the new schedule. We will make the appropriate accommodation if it is possible to do so.