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    Get top furniture movers in Ajman – Contact us now! CBD Movers – Experienced House Movers in Ajman

    We are one of the most experienced companies in the UAE – including major cities such as Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. We have brought our experience from Australia and translated it to the UAE model. Our wide range of services and a solid infrastructure allows us to bring the best quality of service to our esteemed clients in the Middle East.

    We especially excel at furniture moving. Our equipment and our skilled staff makes us capable of moving heavy furniture efficiently and quickly. We ensure that there are no risks involved during the moving process. Our trucks are available for partial loading and full loading options, so that you can choose to go for the affordability or for the efficiency.

    Let us help you move anywhere from Ajman or within the city itself. We have a large fleet of moving vans and trucks that are available even during the busy winter seasons. Our support team is easily accessible and you can call us anytime in case of any queries or complaints.

    CBD Movers, Ajman is dedicated to helping you move easily. Our priority is always the customer – a big reason behind why we are rapidly becoming one of the most popular furniture and house movers in Ajman.


    Locations We Serve

    How We Pull It Off

    A systematic and procedural way is the best way to maximize the work output. We believe in adopting a process model that focuses on moving quickly without any risks. Our team is trained to ensure that there are no damages or unpleasant situations during the entire move. Ajman home movers, CBD Movers follows the process mentioned below:

    Step 1: The planning stage

    The planning stage involves actions that make the moving easier and simpler for the customer as well as for us:

    • As soon as the booking is received, we note down the exact requirements of the customer. We take into consideration all the intricate details of how the customer wants to move – whether they are moving with kids, if they have especially heavy furniture, moving with pets, etc.
    • Downsizing makes the move simpler and less hectic. It also helps the customer save costs. Movers and packers in Ajman such as CBD Movers also extend support in downsizing. They can give you the best advice and help in cutting down on excess stuff when you are moving.
    • Next, we connect with the customer and set a moving date. This step takes into consideration factors like availability, costs, season, convenience, etc.
    • We ensure that we have adequate workforce to complete the move without compromising our quality of service.
    • Finally, we estimate the amount of packing supplies required to move everything.

    Step 2: The execution stage

    After we have the plan with us, we move on to the following:

    • We have multiple vendors in the UAE from where we procure top quality packing and moving supplies. We buy these packing supplies in bulk which helps us save costs and helps the customer as well.
    • If the customer chooses to pack on their own and get their own packing supplies (usually when the customer wants to reuse their old moving boxes), we are always open to give genuine expert advice.
    • As expert furniture movers in Ajman, we know exactly how many movers and trucks are adequate for your house.
    • We take note of where the items in your house are placed. This makes it easy for us to load and pack.
    • We take into consideration the specific requirements of the customer and prioritize our tasks accordingly.

    Step 3: The moving stage

    When the moving day comes, we:

    • Ensure that the process of packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking is executed properly
    • Make ‘the first night’ kit for the customer so that they have everything they need on the first night at the new house.
    • Ensure that the corridors and the doorways are clear from obstacles so that moving heavy stuff is not interrupted.
    • Ensure that we pack and load your belongings in a manner that makes it efficient to unload and unpack them. We employ the best equipment and the right techniques to do the job correctly.

    Step 4: After the move

    CBD Movers, Ajman extends its support long after the move is done:

    • After the move, we do an inspection of the house to check for any items we missed out in packing and moving.
    • As customer oriented house movers in Ajman, we ensure that all waste products are discarded appropriately.
    • The house owner in the case of rented property is handed over the old house in a clean condition. We also arrange cleaning services for move out cleaning and as well as for cleaning your new house.
    • You can register complaints or raise queries on our website after the move. Alternatively, you can contact us through our telephone support lines. We are careful in serving our customers with only the best of the services. This is what makes us one of the best home movers in Ajman, UAE.

    Professional and Reliable Ajman House Movers

    Reliability and affordability is our forte – find out we are the best movers in Ajman

    The biggest thing that customers look for in movers and packers is that they can move your items safely. Fortunately, we have years of experience in the field. We bring that experience from Australia and employ it to serve our UAE customers with the very best! You can totally rely on us – our infrastructure promises that all your belongings will be safe throughout the process. You won’t lose a thing and there will be no damage.

    Because of this experience, we are rapidly gaining popularity in Ajman. Our top services include heavy furniture moving services, packing and unpacking, valet services, antiques moving and fragile items moving, arranging temporary storage units, etc. We are definitely the right choice for you if your house has lots of heavy items and expensive belongings.

    Give us a call and we can chat about how we can assist you with premium movers and packers solutions in Ajman. We are easily accessible and our support team is helpful. Our team is willing to go the extra mile just for you!


    Our USP – Moving Large Furniture Quickly

    Moving large houses with plenty of furniture is pretty stressful. Well, say goodbye to this stress. We have hand tailored solutions just for your house. If you are moving with kids or even with pets, we can arrange the best solutions so that you get settled in your new house as quickly as possible. How do we do it? Our superior equipment and our trained staff allows us to maximize the output. Also, we have a large fleet of moving vehicles!

    We have been moving to a large house in Ajman for some time now. For us, consistency is the key and we work towards maintaining it! Give us the opportunity to treat you with the premium range of moving services that we offer.

    Expert movers in Ajman are now just a phone call away! Call us now!

    Office moving is much different than residential moving – it requires more skill and better equipment. Also, you will require more people to help move you quickly. Time is quite an important factor here – offices cannot afford a lot of downtime. It results in actual loss of money. We totally understand this problem and assign the best resources for your project. After all, we understand how crucial time is and how difficult it is to make up for lost work.

    Offices also rely a lot on their IT infrastructure. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of experts who can help you reinstall your office IT infrastructure. Our moving trucks are designed to carry hardware and expensive items safely. Give us a quick heads up if you want to move your office building in the quickest way possible. Office movers and packers in Ajman are also not as easily available as domestic movers. Not everyone has the infrastructure to pull off projects of this size.

    Well, CBD Moves, Ajman fills this void and brings the best office moving packages to you. We offer top notch and exclusive office moving services in all of UAE, including, of course, Ajman.

    Rest assured! – CBD Movers, Ajman will hold your hands and guide you through the hectic office moving process. Our team of managers and our ground staff work in rhythm to work out the best possible solutions for your office

    Affordable Office Moving
    Services in Ajman

    Ajman office movers are right near you! Simply give us a call and we will be right there to help you move


    Top Packing and Unpacking Offerings, Ajman

    Our movers and packers are specialists at packing and unpacking. We are also proud of our procurement arrangements with our supplies vendors. Our packing supplies are, therefore, of the best quality. We follow a systematic process to pack all your belongings and unpack thm at the new house in a way that makes the placement quick and efficient.

    Ajaman movers and packers to the rescue! CBD Movers can help you pack in just a few hours.

    Our team is skilled and trained to execute projects of any volume. We have an adequate number of staff members that can help you move within a day, if the house is not too large. For very large houses and villas, we assign the workforce accordingly.

    CBD Movers, Ajman – Loading and Unloading Experts

    Loading and unloading forms an integral part of any move. To ensure that your move is completed quickly – doesn’t matter how many belongings you have – we have streamlined and lubricated our loading/unloading workflow. We are now operating in all the main cities of UAE. In fact, our network and services are available in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

    We offer partial and fully loading solutions with our moving vans. CBD Movers, Ajman can help you save costs and move very efficiently. We also help our esteemed customers with downsizing.

    Ajman Villa Movers

    Villas are more complicated to move and shift than your regular 2 BHK flats/apartments. However, our infrastructure and our trained team makes us capable of moving villas in Ajman with ease. Our trucks are well maintained and have full loading capacity to optimize your villa moving. Well, each and every step we take is always streamlined and optimized to save costs and time.

    You can book your villa move in Ajman just by giving us a call. Book your Ajman villa movers in advance and get the best pricing in the city.

    Villa movers and packers, CBD Movers, Ajman are here to help you! Contact us now and request a quote.


    Exclusive Ajman Furniture Movers and Packers

    Heavy furniture movers, CBD Movers, Ajman can help you with all kinds of heavy furniture. We can even move pianos and pool tables. We adopt all safety protocols during the move and make sure that nothing disastrous happens to your belongings. We have everything from dollies to sliders and ramps that allows us to load these heavy pieces of furniture pretty easily. Allow us to serve you with the best movers and packers services for heavy furniture in Ajman.

    If you are looking for reliability and trustworthiness in your Ajman furniture moving company, CBD Movers is definitely the right choice. Call us and book your affordable move now!

    CBD Movers is the Right Choice For All Kind of Moving and Packing Requirements

    Yes! Our team and our dedication surpasses our competition.
    . But there are even more reasons why you should choose CBD Movers, Ajman. Here you go:

    We ensure that there are no risks at all

    Professional movers and packers are always in demand. This is because the normal man cannot move so many items safely. There's bound to be some damage or packing mishaps. We, at CBD Movers, Ajman, take care of everything from top to bottom. There are no risks involved when you move with us. Our equipment and our trucks are in the ebay condition possible. Our staff is trained and licensed.

    We offer the most affordable packing and moving services in Ajman

    Pricing is, of course, the main factor when it comes to movers and packers. This is true for most services and products. While we do believe that offering the best pricing to our customers is key, the USP is that we do this without any compromise with our exceptional quality of service. You can request our estimate without any additional costs – and we do not hide any extra charges in our quotes. Finally, we offer movers and packers services at the standard prices only.

    Our experts are great at strategizing

    Bespoke requirements are not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, we take pride in our ability to cater to each customer with consideration to their exact and specific requirements. Our team of experts chart out a roadmap that allows us to help you the best we can. The goal is to move you efficiently and quickly – and we are committed to that.



    We believe that the customer has the right to ask us as many questions as they want. CBD Movers and Packers are happy to help!

    Check to see if your house is prepared for the staff. Remove everything that may block the passage of your products out of the house from the porch and walkways. If you know certain goods will not fit through the door, remove the hinges. Remove any tiny throw rugs that could cause the driver or crew to trip or slip in traffic areas.

    No, we don’t relocate everything for you. Certain items are excluded from the moving list, with plants being at the top. Most movers will refuse to transport your plants. They frequently perish from the stress and heat of being inside the moving trailer. Many states prohibit plants from entering, while others allow plants to enter under specified conditions. There are no regulations in some states.
    Before transporting plants in your vehicle, be sure you know the rules in your state. Items of exceptional worth, such as jewels, cash, antiquities, and stamp collections, can be included in your cargo if you tell you’re a local moving professional before packing and moving day. It is strongly advised that you either bring irreplaceable and valuable items with you or make other transportation arrangements for them.

    That is entirely dependent on the size of the residence. Packing and moving stuff out of the house takes about 4-5 hours on average.

    This is also entirely dependent on the size of the home.
    We charge for packing and moving on an hourly basis, thus the cost of moving will surpass the size of the property.

    Yes, we can be quite flexible with our schedules. We recognize that unexpected relocations occur from time to time, and we come to your rescue to help you relocate at the last minute to avoid any stress.

    Before moving, we undertake a thorough investigation to determine what items will be moved and how long it will take. We will provide you with a quote based on this information. We will come to your home on the day you have designated for moving, pack every item, load it onto the truck, and unload it at your new location.

    Packers will not pack any products that contain any liquid substance so that it does not spill and ruin other items packed with it during travel.

    Professional movers and packers should be contacted at least 2-3 weeks before the moving date. The team will be able to arrange the entire move in this manner, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.