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    Hire the best furniture movers in Al Ain call us now! Bringing to you the best moving and packing services in UAE’s Al Ain

    From our humble beginnings in Australia, we have now set up shop in Canada, USA, UK, as well as the UAE. We offer our premium services in all major cities including Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, and Al Ain. Our Al Ain movers services include everything that you need to move your house efficiently and quickly. Our team of professional movers and packers make up for even the tiniest requirement that you have.

    We have a large fleet of moving vehicles. These come with both full and partial loading capabilities. Apart from this, we extend our house moving services to office moving, commercial moving, temporary storage units, dealing with packing supplies, etc. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands.

    Al Ain movers and packers, CBD Movers come equipped with the best infrastructure. We are accessible around the year and our support team can be reached very easily. Contact us to find out the details of all that we offer.

    CBD Movers take customer satisfaction very seriously. We are dedicated to serving our customers with the best quality of services.

    Al Ain movers

    Locations We Serve

    How CBD Movers, Al Ain Makes Sure That You Move Efficiently

    We, at CBD Movers, Al Ain, are expert office and house movers. We follow a systematic procedure that allows us to execute our plans to the point. This ensures that nothing goes wrong in the long run.

    Charting the move

    The first step towards a successful move is a proper plan. CBD Movers, Al Ain ensures that nothing is missed out during this stage. This defines the entire course of the move and all scenarios are pictured here to avoid any risks:

    • Our team of house movers in Al Ain visits your house and notes down the specifics. This includes the quantity of belongings as well as their positions.
    • After the inspection, we sometimes recommend the customer to downsize their house. This helps them to save costs and makes the move easy for us as well.
    • We sit with the customer and discuss what date it would be convenient to move on. We suggest the dynamic factors that affect the pricing so that the customer is sure that they are moving on the best possible date
    • We ensure that we have an adequate number of moving staff in Al Ain to start the move.
    • We also ensure that we have enough packing and moving supplies to get started.
    house movers and packers in Al Ain
    Al Ain furniture moving company

    Moving the house

    After we are certain that we have the right amount and kind of resources, we get started with the move:

    • All the major steps like packing, loading, driving, etc. are properly supervised and taken care of. Each step in the process is managed by our experts.
    • We ensure that the customer has everything ready for their first night at the new house.
    • We also ensure that the moving and loading stage is not hindered by external scenarios such as blocked hallways or pets roaming around.
    • We prioritize different tasks based on what you want. We load and unload the items in a manner that makes the move faster.

    After the move

    Our after-sales support team and our dedicated team of movers in Al Ain will be there for you even after the move is done.

    • We ensure that we have packed everything and everything has been moved safely.
    • CBD Movers, Al Ain also has connections with cleaning companies that can help you clean your old house as well as your new one.
    • Similarly, we have contact with other service providers that are necessary during a move or after a move.
    • We make sure that the customer is fully satisfied with our services. Our service and support lines are always open for queries and complaints.

    Reliable House Mover and Packers in Al Ain

    What really sets us apart is that we have quite an enormous infrastructure backing us up. To add to this, we have a wide range of services bolstered by our years of experience in Australia. We have been around in the UAE for some time now as well. So you can sit back and relax while we move your house

    The biggest concern that customers have is the safety of their items. Well, not anymore! CBD Movers ensures that there are no risks involved when you move with us

    Reliability is our forte – we do our best to keep your items safe and secure during the entire process:

    • We use the best moving supplies – sturdy moving boxes that are designed specifically for different kinds of items. For example, we have special TV boxes that are padded for extra safety. Similarly, we have boxes for clothes, boxes for crockery, etc.
    • Moving houses is no joke, especially when you have lots of items to begin with. To make the move safer, we employ the right equipment at the right places. Dollies, sliders, ramps – you name it!
    • Our team of experts strategize the move so that your requirements are catered to in the best way possible. You get hand tailored solutions for your exact demands.
    • This means that if you have pets, we design a completely different solution for you. Our movers and packers in Al Ain are trained to deal with these specific requirements.
    • Our trucks are available both with partial as well as full loading capabilities. This implies that the process will be optimized and you can save some money in the process.
    • We are one of the top furniture moving companies in Al Ain – and house moving is incomplete without a proper furniture moving facility.
    • CBD Movers, Al Ain are top house movers with a knack for heavy furniture moving.

    Al Ain furniture moving company
    The best furniture moving company in Al Ain

    Get Your Offices Relocated With Ease

    We are also one of the best office movers in Al Ain. The city has many commercial areas where the demand for office relocations is always high. We have an excellent team of office movers and large commercial moving trucks. Again, these are available with partial and full loading capabilities.

    We excel at office moving as well as at IT infrastructure reinstallation. We understand and that office relocations are much more complicated than house moves. The amount of resources required are much more as well. Therefore, we have dedicated a separate team for office relocations in Al Ain. Good office movers and packers in Al Ain are hard to come by and we are proud to be one of the few reliable providers of this service.

    Move your office quickly with minimum downtime. Contact us now!

    Our furniture moving offerings include:

    • Moving piano and pool tables.
    • Moving couches, large beds, wardrobes, etc.
    • Office movers in Al Ain excel at office infrastructure relocations.
    • One of the best furniture moving companies, CBD Movers offers premium services for fragile furniture such as coffee tables with glass tops.

    Al Ain furniture moving company, CBD Movers has heavy furniture moving equipment such as dollies, ropes, sliders, and ramps. It makes the process very quick and smooth. It also reduces the risks involved with heavy furniture moving.

    Get the best furniture mover offerings in Al Ain at affordable prices

    Al Ain Furniture Moving Company, CBD Movers

    All packers and movers depend on the quality of their furniture moving capabilities. CBD Movers, Al Ain rely on its robust infrastructure to pull off heavy furniture moves with ease. Apart from that, we have the latest equipment to help us do the job efficiently.

    Affordable House Movers in Al Ain

    One of the biggest advantages of hiring CBD Movers is that all offerings come at an affordable pricing.

    Request a free estimate and get an understanding of the current pricing. We follow the standard industry pricing and our estimates do not have any hidden charges or taxes.

    You can rest assured that our prices are the most competitive amongst Al Ain movers. Contact us now and get a free quote.

    Finally, we also offer suggestions to our customers so that they can cut some costs. We help our customers with downsizing and with cheap packing materials. This makes us one of the most sought after house movers and packers in Al Ain.

    Al Ain movers and packers

    Villa Movers, Al Ain

    With our large and robust infrastructure, villa moving is a piece of cake. Al Ain movers, CBD Movers are one of the few villa movers in the area. We excel at moving large houses within a few hours. Our team of experts complete the inspection and supervise the move within a day. We help the customers with packing and moving supplies and then move them quickly and efficiently.

    Our movers in Al Ain have an adequate amount of moving vehicles so that your villa move is done to your satisfaction. We are dedicated to serving you with the best villa moves in Al Ain. Our team of movers is trained and licensed.

    Move anywhere in the UAE with CBD Movers. We also enable international relocations at affordable prices. Give us a call now!

    movers and packers in Al Ain

    Our Unique Features

    CBD Movers, Al Ain are a class apart. We are proud of our wide range of offerings. Our house and furniture moving services are just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from our amazing infrastructure and our team of experts, we surge through the competition in other departments as well:

    Accurate estimates and honest charges

    CBD Movers are one of the few movers and packers in Al Ain that offer estimates that are free from any hidden taxes or duties. It can be requested via our phone lines or through the website. It will give you a good idea about the final expenses that you will incur. You can contact our support lines in case of any queries.

    Experienced staff

    Experience is one the primary factors that you should look at when choosing a moving company. As one the most experienced furniture moving companies in Al Ain, we can proudly say that it was our years of service that has taught us the ins and outs of the industry. Give us the chance to serve you with the best!

    Attention to detail

    CBD Movers have a team of experts that are trained to cater to your specific requirements. We are careful in planning your entire relocation and we ensure that we miss out on nothing. Our managers and supervisors ensure that everything goes according to plan and head a team of professional movers with efficiency and finesse.

    Top reviews

    Our customers simply love us! Our online reviews are there for everyone to see. We are proud of our quality of service and our dedication to serving our customers with only the best. Other than that, our support lines are open to complaints and queries. Contact us 24x7 and get your issues resolved!

    Temporary facilities

    There are times when temporary storage facilities become a must during a move. CBD Movers in Al Ain have arrangements with storage units that are available for rent. These are well maintained and equipped with CCTV surveillance. They come in different sizes and you can rent them for any duration of time.

    Premium services

    But what makes CBD Movers one of the best movers and packers in Al Ain? It is the wide range of premium services that we offer – pet relocations, valet services, pool table and piano moves, furniture moves, etc. You can request a quote or book a move with us anytime. Enjoy premium services by CBD Movers, Al Ain.

    furniture moving companies in Al Ain


    We believe that the customer has the right to ask us as many questions as they want. CBD Movers and Packers are happy to help!

    Check to see if your house is prepared for the staff. Remove everything that may block the passage of your products out of the house from the porch and walkways. If you know certain goods will not fit through the door, remove the hinges. Remove any tiny throw rugs that could cause the driver or crew to trip or slip in traffic areas.

    No, we don’t relocate everything for you. Certain items are excluded from the moving list, with plants being at the top. Most movers will refuse to transport your plants. They frequently perish from the stress and heat of being inside the moving trailer. Many states prohibit plants from entering, while others allow plants to enter under specified conditions. There are no regulations in some states.
    Before transporting plants in your vehicle, be sure you know the rules in your state. Items of exceptional worth, such as jewels, cash, antiquities, and stamp collections, can be included in your cargo if you tell you’re a local moving professional before packing and moving day. It is strongly advised that you either bring irreplaceable and valuable items with you or make other transportation arrangements for them.

    That is entirely dependent on the size of the residence. Packing and moving stuff out of the house takes about 4-5 hours on average.

    This is also entirely dependent on the size of the home.
    We charge for packing and moving on an hourly basis, thus the cost of moving will surpass the size of the property.

    Yes, we can be quite flexible with our schedules. We recognize that unexpected relocations occur from time to time, and we come to your rescue to help you relocate at the last minute to avoid any stress.

    Before moving, we undertake a thorough investigation to determine what items will be moved and how long it will take. We will provide you with a quote based on this information. We will come to your home on the day you have designated for moving, pack every item, load it onto the truck, and unload it at your new location.

    Packers will not pack any products that contain any liquid substance so that it does not spill and ruin other items packed with it during travel.

    Professional movers and packers should be contacted at least 2-3 weeks before the moving date. The team will be able to arrange the entire move in this manner, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.