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  • Bonded warehousing and other export and import services
  • Warehouse automation for receiving, shipping, and picking
  • Operation is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Temperature-controlled and ambient storage
  • Food grade and agricultural warehousing
  • Cross-docking warehousing, Seasonal overflow storage
  • Bulk storage, Order fulfillment, Field warehousing

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    Best Warehouse Storage Facilities

    When the moving procedure takes longer than expected, we will require storage for our valued possessions. CBD Movers, being one of the professional storage companies in Dubai, offers storage services to keep your valuables safe. Many individuals are unaware of this service, yet it is available to them as well. We need a place to store our belongings while moving to another state or nation till we can get situated in the new area appropriately

    If you require storage space in Dubai, CBD Movers is the greatest alternative for storing your belongings for as long as you need. CBD Movers is a firm that provides the greatest and most cost-effective warehousing and storage services

    There are numerous warehouse storage service providers in the UAE, but CBD Movers is at the top of the list when it comes to supplying storage and warehouse companies in the UAE and Dubai. CBD Movers is a warehouse and transportation company that operates on land, sea, and air. We manage record retention, variable cost structure account preparation, and final product distribution

    Our warehousing services efficiency, as a top storage warehouse in Abu Dhabi, takes into account both short and long-term improvements in customer warehousing costs and operations. This involves the transportation and delivery of a variety of valuables. When a corporation transports its products nationally or internationally, the cost of shipping is significantly influenced by warehouses. As a result, the customer must choose the best relocation company that offers storage and warehouse logistics at a reasonable cost. Our storage facilities are both cost-effective and secure

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    CBD Movers always ensure that the issue of overflooding at the company location is resolved. As a result, now is the time to start looking for a reputable storage facility for your valuable household things, which CBD Movers can provide in a hassle-free manner

    Locations We Serve

    Services Provided by Dubai's Best Storage Company

    We recognize the importance of keeping your belongings safe when relocating. As a result, during the storage and transportation of your items, every necessary precaution and safety step will be taken into account

    • Warehousing Space on Demand

    Our professional 3D warehouse provides on-demand warehouse/storage facilities for long-term or short-term storage of your personal or commercial belongings

    • Packing that is customized

    Before storing your household items, furniture, fragile goods, office equipment, and other objects in the warehouse storage, our team offers secure wrapping. Proper labelling is also done of all boxes to prevent them from being misplaced

    • Equipment and Machinery that are Required

    Our movers use sophisticated machinery to move, load, and unload the goods safely and without causing damage. They also ensure that things are organized according to the client's specifications utilizing advanced and modern equipment

    • Logistics from beginning to end

    Our skilled crew provides end-to-end logistic services, which include picking up commercial or home goods from the source and transporting the cargo on time from the warehouse to the destination. They transport your items across the country using specialized trucks

    • Inventory Management Software

    With the help of a tracking system provided by warehouse logistics providers, you can track the shipment and location of your commercial goods and household items. This ensures your luggage's complete protection and mobility

    • Insurance

    When it comes to warehouse storage, every client's main worry is the safety and security of their freight. We provide the best insurance options for your items to ensure that they are safe at their warehouse

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    • Security Systems Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

    Storage firms provide round-the-clock security systems such as CCTV cameras and security guards to ensure that your belongings in storage are completely protected. We have highly qualified and experienced employees who are available to answer your questions and follow your orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week

    • Transportation Services

    You bring the items, and we'll store them for you. The goal of accessible storage is to increase office space and productivity. You'll never run out of space with our selection of scalable, private, and secure self-storage spaces

    • Storage in Bulk

    Smarter storage options to help you keep up with your expanding business. Pay by square foot and only pay for the space you need; ideal for enterprises who require pallet storage. More effective business processes result from more efficient storage

    • Warehousing in a Miniature Size

    Storage facilities that are both cost-effective and risk-free. Ideal for start-ups or small and medium businesses who need 200 to 1500 square feet of storage with drive-up access but don't want to commit to a long-term lease

    Storage in Dubai at a Low Cost

    Our objective at CBD Movers storage solutions is to become the most economical storage company in Dubai and the UAE.

    In Dubai, we have a well-equipped warehousing and storage facility. As a result, we're the ideal docking and unloading location for products being distributed locally in the UAE or throughout the region. Professional field people trained to properly unload, package, store, and load huge shipments of merchandise make up our on-the-ground crew. In addition, we offer enticing incentives to provide consumers with the best value for their money.

    Why is the Layout of the Warehouse Important?

    The base on which firms run is warehouse store structure and design. Building operational efficiency from the ground up ensures a company's long-term success. High-efficiency standards are set by efficient 3D warehouses. These standards aid in the smooth functioning of the business and allow for the adaptation and modification of activities as needed. Even if warehouse storage is thought to be running smoothly, there may be opportunities for refinement and finding chances for development, which can raise performance and capacities immediately. Warehouse optimization provides major financial benefits in addition to generating a more efficient workflow. Mis-ships, out-of-stocks, returns, and human mistakes are all common causes of financial loss for firms, all of which may be traced back to inefficient operations. All of these issues can be avoided by changing existing processes and optimizing operations

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    • Warehouse design in our opinion

    When a warehouse hits 85 percent capacity or a company is looking to save expenses and improve efficiency, storage unit planning may be the answer. The first stage is to assess and weigh your options, which is where MHS Lift can assist

    • Extension in the vertical angle

    Expansion is a possibility, but it isn't always essential. We assess the possibility for growth through our self-storage in Dubai

    • Aisle width optimization

    Following an evaluation of lift equipment and usage, it may be able to reduce aisle width by up to 50% and gain extra space in the storage room

    • Path analysis selection

    Path selection and application can be examined to see if the paths and processes are effective or if they can be improved

    • Installation of mezzanine

    A mezzanine can be built and installed to considerably enhance space and total storage capacity. Many warehouse companies in Dubai are lacking in providing such areas for storing the items

    • Optimization storage

    The importance of evaluating racking solutions cannot be overstated. A switch from a single-deep to a double-deep rack, for example, may save space and increase efficiency and can encourage self-store in Dubai

    • Technology introduction

    New and creative technologies, as well as warehouse automation, may be the best answer for some along with affordable storage

    • Automation in the warehouse

    Warehouse automation is one of the most effective strategies to control expenses and enhance revenues, especially in the long run. When you browse and try to find the storage units near me that are implementing automation and warehouse technologies that can minimize labor demands, increase accuracy, and increase efficiency, that is the best choice and we are proud to say that we are one of them.

    Software, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), and the automation of a range of other operational processes are all part of warehouse automation in our storage services in Dubai.

    Do you want to automate your warehouse? Fill out the contact form and a member of our staff will get back to you with additional information about how MHS Lift can help.

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    We believe that the customer has the right to ask us as many questions as they want. CBD Movers and Packers are happy to help!

    The size of the product’s warehouse footprint, the speed at which it will be brought into and taken out of the warehouse, and any unique handling and shipping requirements for a given product are all taken into account when calculating warehouse rates. We believe that there is no one price that fits all when it comes to warehousing products, and we will structure our pricing to be competitive and meet the needs of our customers.

    A third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse is a component of the supply chain that enables customers to use the receiving, storing, and distributing services of the 3PL in order to have the flexibility to expand and contract as their business changes and to avoid the costs of having to rent, maintain, and run their own warehouse.

    The 3PL warehouse frees the client from daily product handling so they can concentrate on developing and expanding their primary company.

    Absolutely. Find out if one of our six current temperature cold storage warehouses or a leased storage space will best suit your needs by getting in touch with us.

    Your perishables will be stored in six temperature-controlled spaces that are already available. Use one of our leased warehouses to satisfy special criteria and have complete control over the area needed.

    Short term is usually considered when storing a customer’s product for less than a month. Products that will be kept at our warehouse for more than a month are often regarded to be in long-term storage.

    We don’t confine ourselves to any one particular sector. We have a very adaptable warehouse and are willing to provide our services to just about any sector of business.

    All of our safe warehouses are equipped with the highest level of security for your goods, including 24/7 state-of-the-art video monitoring with 30+ day retention, cell-connected security systems, as well as patrolled yards.

    A warehouse management system is used to plan, organize, and optimize your warehouse operations. The system aims to ensure that you can provide the right goods at the right time while optimizing both efficiency and costs.

    Individual orders are shipped via USPS, FEDEX, FTL, or by local LTL carriers as per the customer’s requirements.